Preview: A wild Icpola is causing mischief and making chaos of herself. Aiden attempts to stop her shenanigans by battling, but when Icpola gets captured by some poaches, Aiden comes to the rescue. As things get worse, Litorse unleashes a new move that Aiden was hoping for....

​<Aiden wanders through through the forest until he stops at the sound of a strange noise coming from just past his view. He turns his head to look at what makes the noise and finds a new Pokemon wandering by him>

???: *Laughs cheekily* "Pol-ho-ho-ho-ho-ola, IC POLA, ICPOLA!" ("Gwahahahahaha, ICE BEAM! ICE BEAM!")

<Aiden dodges the Ice Beams that the unknown Pokemon attacks with. He slides back and looks toward the source; finding the culprit to be a small Pokemon>

Aiden: "A new Pokemon..."

<He has Brianna emerge from his watch and examine the new species of Pokemon. The information is catagorized into the system>

Brianna: "Icpola, the Icy Pole Pokemon. When in danger, Icpola can summon a hailstorm at will. Its body is made of ice that cannot be melted even in heatwaves, the stick on its body helps it to stand."

​Aiden: "I could always add another Pokemon to my team. I can see great potential in this one." *Grabs a Pokeball from his belt and throws it out* "Go, Litorse! Use Impact on Icpola!"

<Litorse appears and jumps high into the air, coming back down with fire engulfing around its hoofs. Litorse turns itself into a meteor projectile that crashes down toward Icpola. Icpola unleashes Fairy Wind to slow down Litorse. Litorse clashes with Fairy Wind and gets blown away. He lands in front of Aiden again>

Aiden: "Litorse, use Flare Helix and stop Icpola cold!"

<Litorse slams its front hoofs into the ground and summons a massive tornado of fire around its body. Rocks and other objects of the forest fly inside of it and swirl around at fast speeds. The tornado grows larger before exploding and launching all the objects at Icpola. A field appears around Icpola and stops any damage from happening to it>

Aiden: "It used Protect. Litorse, use a frontal Impact!"

<Litorse charges at Icpola and ignites the front of its body within a bright flame. Icpola jumps into the air and dodges Litorse, but Litorse jumps and manages to score a secondary hit from below>

Aiden: "Now use Flare Helix! Finish this up!"

<Litorse lands back on the ground and creates a massive fire tornado again. It sucks the dazed Icpola inside its strong winds then explodes and throws Icpola against a tree. Icpola slides down and hits the floor. Aiden takes out an empty Pokeball and readies to throw it when a net snags Icpola from out of nowhere>

Aiden: "What?"

<Three people emerge from the thick brush in the background and pull the net with Icpola captured inside back toward them. Litorse walks back to Aiden and stands beside him>

Aiden: "Hey, where do you think you're going with Icpola?!"

Poacher #1: "We're not here to waste time with you, kid. Stay out of it."

Aiden: "I'm not going to let you take Icpola. Icpola is coming with me."

Poacher #2: "You wish."

<One of the poachers throws a small device that explodes into a thick smoke that covers everything. He coughs while looking through to find where the poachers ran off to>

Aiden: "Icpola, no! Get back here!"

<The afternoon arrives and Aiden's Charizard returns from flying around in search of a camp or anything leading to where the poachers went to>

Aiden: "Charizard, did you find anything?"

Charizard: *Shakes his head*

Aiden: "Icpola...please be okay. I'll find you. I promise. We'll become a great team. I just know it."

<The silent darkness of the night rolls across the forest as Aiden continues to search for Icpola. A series of heavy storm clouds start looming overhead. A few drops start coming down>

Aiden: "Charizard, it's about to rain. I can't risk you staying out here with the rain. Your tail could go out. Return for now. You were a big help. Thank you." *Returns Charizard and continues walking* "I have to find a trail leading to those Pokemon poachers. But, with that escape from earlier, I can't even have Charizard track them. Maybe someone in the nearby town has something on them."

<Aiden enters a small town with a large "Welcome to Alladel Town!" written on it. As he enters, he spots a Pokemon Center at the first corner on the right and decides to wait out the storm there. The doors slide apart and he enters>

Nurse Tianna: "Greetings, and welcome to the Alladel Pokemon Center. How can I help you today?"

Aiden: "Could you please heal my Pokemon for me? Also, I have a couple questions to ask you."

Nurse Tianna: "Of course. One moment please." *Hands the tray of Pokeballs off to another nurse and turns back to him with a smile* "Sorry for that. How may I help with your questions?"

Aiden: "I was battling an Icpola in the forest; I was about to capture it when a few Pokemon hunters came and snatched it up. Do you know anything about these hunters by chance?"

Nurse Tianna: "Yes. I have heard about this Icpola, and the hunters. The Icpola comes through here sometimes and tries to steal food from the nearby stores. The shopkeepers always end up having to chase it away. As for the hunters, there are three of them. Daniel, Vick, and Ray in believe are their names. They roam around and look for Pokemon to steal, then sell them for a profit."

Aiden: "And they're probably looking for a buyer for Icpola right now. I have to find them. Do you know where they might have taken Icpola?"

Nurse Tianna: "There's an abandoned warehouse center just up the main road that runs through here. That's the only place that I could think that they'd keep Pokemon. Please be careful, though. They're dangerous people."

Aiden: "Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it."

<Aiden takes his healed Pokemon back and waits out the storm until the following day. Beams of sunlight cut through the clouds and Aiden is off in a sprint through the town and up the road toward the warehouse complex. He stops and takes cover behind a small bush as the warehouses come within sight now>

Aiden: "There's the warehouse complex. But, I don't see any sight of the hunters. I hope Icpola's okay."

<He manages to sneek his way around and enter through the first warehouse on the far right side. Inside, he finds cages and some have Pokemon inside of them. They cry out for help>

Aiden: "Hang on. I'm going to free all of you."

<He moves through the warehouse until finding the cage with Icpola inside. He taps on the bars to get its attention>

Aiden: "Icpola, I'm here to free you."

<Icpola doesn't respond to his call. He activates a Pokeball and tosses out outward. It opens and Charizard comes out of it. Charizard growls>

Aiden: "Charizard, use Dragon Claw on the cage bars."

<Charizard brings out claws made of green energy and slashes the bars to pieces. The Pokemon run out and burst through the warehouse doors. Meanwhile, Aiden kneels in front of the cage with Icpola and reaches in to pick it up. He takes Icpola into his arms and holds it close to his chest>

Aiden: "Hold on. I'm going to get you some help."

???: "You're not going anywhere."

<Aiden faces the hunters as their Pokemon come out and growl at him>

Aiden: "You. How could you all do this to Pokemon?!"

Poacher #1: "Pokemon are walking money. That's all."

Aiden: "Money? How dare you say that! Pokemon deserve to live normal lives too! I won't allow you to hurt Pokemon anymore! Charizard, use Flamethrower!"

<Charizard blasts them with a massive stream of fire and causes a massive explosion that destroys the front end of the warehouse. Aiden runs through the black smoke and heads down the road back toward the town. He runs into the Pokemon Center and places Icpola on the front counter>

Aiden: "Nurse Tianna, please help Icpola. I think Icpola's injuried badly."

Nurse Tianna: "Oh dear. I'll help your Pokemon right away."

<Nurse Tianna takes Icpola and brings it to the Intensive Care Wing of the Pokemon Center. Aiden waits on a circular-shaped couch. His wrist device starts beeping. He waves his hand over it and a holographic image of Professor Redwood appears>

Aiden: "Professor Redwood? Why the sudden call?"

Professor Redwood: "Aiden, I'm glad I was finally able to contact you. I have something to ask of you. Also, I have something to tell you."

Aiden: "Sure. What did you want to ask me?"

Professor Redwood: "I wanted to ask you if you'd test a new item that my partner and I have been working on."

Aiden: "Uh, sure."

Professor Redwood: "Wonderful! I'll send it through the transporter at your location. Thank you."

Aiden: "Sure thing. No problem. Oh, what was that thing that you wanted to tell me?"

Professor Redwood: "A message came for you a couple days right after you first got here. I haven't read into it, but it came from a lovely young lady."

Aiden: "Lady? What was the name?"

Professor Redwood: "Jessica I believe it was."

Aiden: "Jessica? A message? Can you send it to me please?"

Professor Redwood: "Of course. I'll send it right away. Have a nice day. And thank you. The item in question is on its way. If you have any questions about the item, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'll be more than happy to help. Have a nice day."

<The image of Professor Redwood disappears and a message display bar appears. A second image appears right next to the bar and Jessica shows up>

Jessica: "Hi, Aiden. I'm happy to hear that you've made it to the Opole Region safe and sound. I imagine that you're busy training and becoming much stronger, so I won't take up much of your time. I wanted to tell you that I'll be coming to the Opole Region in about six months. So, please get really strong so we can battle again. Let me see how strong Charizard got too. I miss seeing him, and you too. Goodbye, Aiden. See you later."

<The image disappears and he grins slightly. He grabs a small crystal from a teleporter device. The glowing crystal pulsates in his hand>

Aiden: "What is this thing?"

<Nurse Tianna walks back out with Icpola wrapped up and  bandaged>

Aiden: "Nurse Tianna, how's Icpola doing?"

Nurse Tianna: "Icpola is hurt and starved badly. I'm afraid that Icpola won't be in any condition to fight for some time. I'm sorry."

Aiden: "Thank you. I'll care for Icpola, and get it back to perfect health again. I won't let anything happen to Icpola ever again."

Nurse Tianna: "That's very nice of you. I have no doubt that you'll become a great Pokemon Master."

<Aiden takes Icpola and captures it inside a Pokeball. He leaves the Pokemon Center at the start of night. The streetlights flicker on>

Aiden: "Icpola, we'll be great battle partners. I know it."

Narrator: "The world of Pokemon is a strange and sometimes dangerous place. But, a hero has risen and shows a heart that can purify any kind of evil. Aiden, now receiving a message from his best friend, has the ambition to train even harder and become that much more determined to achieve victory."