Narrator: Welcoming sunlight embraces a new adventure in a whole new region! The Opole Region has lots of new and exciting Pokémon to see! Hopefully our hero doesn't get caught up in the excitement.

<The plane touches down in the water and glides to a stop at the port where it docks and opens the stairway leading to the ground. Passengers step off and walk from the plane. He appears as the last passenger and calmly walks down the steps; looking around as night begins to fall>.

Aiden: "Looks like I came here just as night came around. It's very calm here."

<Off in the far distance, storm clouds begin to form and hover over the city where the plane had pulled in. Pouring rain starts and hammers down on the world below them. He takes cover under a small roof near a building and dries his hair>.

Aiden: "And also around the time of a storm too. Great. Still, it is a nice place to be. Guess I should ask around and try to find where new Trainers go to get their starting Pokémon..."

<A boy was waiting for him. He was tall, with orange hair, a blue shirt and orange trousers with white shoes>

???: "Are you by any chance looking for the Professor's lab?"

Aiden: "Yeah. How did you know?"

???: "If you're looking for the lab, it's over there in the south, it is close to where I live, I was just on my way there."

<The boy points to the lab in the south. In the far distance, a large building sitting at a small mountain appeared to him. He looked back from the building's direction>

???: "Oh yeah, I'm Xavier, by the way! And you are?"

Aiden: "Name's Aiden. Nice to meet you. And thanks for the directions. I really appreciate the help."

<He starts off through the rain and covers his head with his hoodie attached to his cloak. His hands slide comfortably into his cloak's pockets as he starts up the path leading to the building ahead>

​Aiden: "I hope Jessica's doing well on her world tour. I haven't heard from her since I left."

Xavier: "I'll go to the lab and get my starter Pokemon! See ya!"

<Xavier dashes off to the lab, waving to Aiden in the process>

Aiden: Already I'm met with an annoying kid. Just my luck too.

<Aiden reaches the building and enters it to find a woman standing with three Pokeballs sitting in a perfect line on a metal table. She turns and faces him with a joyful smile stretched across her face. Aiden continues inside and approaches her calmly>

Aiden: "Hi, it's nice to meet you. My name's-"

???: "Aiden, right?"

Aiden: "Yes. How did you...?"

???: "We got a message about your arrival into the Opole Region from a girl who's friends with you. Jessica was her name I believe."

Aiden: *Smiles and chuckles slightly* "Yes. I know Jessica."

???: "Fantastic! My name's Professor Blossom and my husband is Professor Redwood. Where is he? Honey, come down here and meet our newest guest!"

<A man falls down from above and crashes to the ground on his face. He groans and moans in pain as he pushes from the ground and stands back on his feet. He smiles and fixes his lab coat; dusting it off as well>

Professor Redwood: "My apologies, honey. I was simply fascinated with the migration patterns of the Redcary."

Aiden: "Redcary?"

Professor Blossom: "Oh, yes. I almost forgot. You're new to this region, so you probably don't know much about the Pokemon here, right?"

Aiden: "Right."

Professor Redwood: "Well my boy, you must be excited to get a new Pokemon starter from this region, yes?"

Aiden: "I am. I'm a serious and caring Trainer when it comes to my own Pokemon."

Professor Blossom: "Wonderful. Then let's go ahead and get you started."

<She turns and grabs the first Pokeball on the far left. She throws it out and it opens, bringing a new Pokémon that he's never seen before in his seven years of traveling around the world>

Professor Blossom: "This is Litorse, the Fire-type starter for the Opole Region." *Tosses the middle Pokeball out. It opens and another Pokemon appears* "This is Rabble, the Water-type starter." *Tosses the far right Pokeball. It opens and the third Pokemon appears* "And this is Leporo, the Grass-type starter."

Aiden: "I have never seen these Pokemon in any of the regions that I've been in. Not ever."

Professor Redwood: "Then you truly have missed out. Then again, this region was just discovered to actually be significant enough for people to actually visit. I can't blame some people, though."

Professor Blossom: "Indeed. Tell me, Aiden, how many Pokemon have you caught in your travels?"

Aiden: "Altogether? I've caught about four-hundred-and-fifty-six types of Pokemon. I think."

Professor Blossom: "That's quite the number. You must have spent some time on catching them and raising each of them."

Aiden: "I did. Seven years to be exact. There is one Pokemon that I especially have grown close to. My Charizard."

Professor Redwood: "Did you say that you have a Charizard?!"

Aiden: "Uh...yeah."

Professor Redwood: "May I see it?! Please?!"

Aiden: "Sure." *Throws the Pokeball and Charizard appears*

<Professor Redwood becomes overjoyed and hugs Charizard. Charizard becomes embarrassed and looks at Aiden for some clue as to what is happening. Aiden looks at Charizard and simply shrugs his shoulders>

Professor Redwood: "Such an amazing species of Pokemon! I have never seen one fully evolved and as strong as this one! Simply amazing!"

Professor Blossom: "Honey, please let go of Charizard before you make it angry."

Professor Redwood: *Lets go and fixes his slim-shade style glasses* "Right. I'm sorry for that outburst. It's nice to meet you, Charizard. I'm Professor Redwood."

Charizard: *Growls calmly and smiles at Professor Redwood*

Professor Blossom: "So, which Pokemon would you like for your starter?"

Aiden: "I've decided on sticking with Fire-types, seeing as they are my favorite type of Pokemon, and going with Litorse as my partner."

Professor Blossom: "An excellent choice. And let me get you your Pokeballs and upgraded Pokedex device."

<She hands him Litorse's Pokeball and four more Pokeballs that were empty. Next, she hands him a watch device that shines in the building's lights>

Aiden: "What is this watch thing for?"

Professor Blossom: "That's your Pokedex."

Aiden: "This small watch is a Pokedex?"

Professor Blossom: "Yep. It's smaller, easier to handle, and is extremely tough to break. Do you by chance have your old Pokedex from another region?"

Aiden: "Yeah. I kept the Pokedex from every region that I went to."

<He reaches into his cloak and pulls out every Pokedex with him. She smiles and takes each of them from him. Carefully, she uses a special tool to remove a small chip from inside each and takes the watch from him; inserting the chips one-by-one inside the slot on the side. Each of the chips goes inside the watch and the watch glows a bright blue color>

Professor Blossom: "There we go. I took the record analyzer chip from the old Pokedex collection and added them to your new one. All of the Pokémon recorded on each chip has been added to your new Pokedex now."

Aiden: "Amazing. Thank you."

Professor Blossom: "Do you want a quick instruction on how to use this new Pokedex?"

Aiden: "Should know how to use my new gear. Sure."

Professor Blossom: "Excellent. This Pokedex not only records Pokémon entries, but also displays their types, moves, abilities, and a detailed rendering that is sixty-five percent more accurate than the older models you had before. It also includes a large-scale map of your location and up to ten miles around you; a software capturing system for recording video, photos, and other types of media. A special feature is a holo-transmitter that allows you to contact other people from very long distances. There are other features, but I think I'll let you figure them out while traveling the region yourself." *Holds it out to him*

Aiden: *Takes it and clips it to his left hand* "Thank you, Professor Blossom, Professor Redwood."

Professor Redwood: "Our pleasure. If you have Pokemon, besides the six you're allowed to have as a Trainer, please send them back here. We would love to look after them for you."

Professor Blossom: "Yeah. Please send them here. We love to take care of Pokemon. We might be researchers, but we also love to learn more about caring for Pokemon too."

Aiden: "I will. Thank you."

<Aiden leaves the building and waves goodbye to Professor Redwood and Professor Blossom. As he leaves, the rain begins to dwindle to a mild sprinkle. Some sunshine begins to show through the storm clouds. His watch begins to beep and a holographic depiction of a woman appears in the center>

Aiden: "What's..."

???: "Hello. My name is Brianna and I am your Pokedex. It is a pleasure to meet you. May I have your name please?"

Aiden: "Um...Aiden..."

Brianna: "It is a pleasure to meet you, Aiden. I look forward to traveling and helping you understand more about the creatures known as Pokemon. If you have any questions regarding features, functionality, or usage of this Pokedex, please press the red button on the left side of the Pokedex. I will automatically appear and be available for any questions you might have. Have a nice day." *Disappears from view*

Aiden: "That's definitely one of those features that Professor Blossom wanted me to "figure out" on my own."

<He walks through the nearby forest and stops; hearing something coming for him. His eyes glance behind him as he ducks, dodging a creature that flew down from above him. He gets back up and looks around while activating a Pokeball from his belt>

Aiden: "That was a quiet Pokemon. Where did it go?"

<He ducks again and dodges another air attack from above. He gets back up and sees a fast bird flying around him. It lands on a nearby tree branch and picks at the underside of its right wing with its sharp beak. He holds the watch up to the Pokémon and it scans it>

Brianna: "Redcary, the Cardinal Pokemon. Redcary are fierce fighters and can be easily angered when they sense a threat to their safety."

Aiden: "You're threatened by me? I guess you'll be my first Pokemon battle in this region." *Throws a Pokeball and brings Litorse out* "Litorse, you ready to work as partners?"

Litorse: *Sighs* "Torse..." ("Whatever...")

<Redcary flies back into the air and launches several sharp feather projectiles at Litorse from above. They whistle and travel very fast toward its opponent>.

Aiden: "What kind of move is that?"

Brianna: "Wing Salvo, a Flying-type move used to send projectiles at a high speed toward opponents."

Aiden: "Wing Salvo. It must be a new move. Litorse, dodge and use Flamethrower!"

<Litorse lowers its body and jumps just as Wing Salvo hit the ground where it was. A dust cloud appears as Litorse jumps out of the cloud and lands back on the ground. It shakes the dust and dirt from its fur. Litorse looks at Aiden with a strange look next>

Litorse: "Torse, Litorse?" (Flamethrower, what's that?")

Aiden: "You don't know what Flamethrower is? Then...what moves do you know?"

Brianna: "Litorse knows two moves. Flare Helix. And Impact."

Aiden: "These Pokemon know moves that I've never heard of."

<Redcary flies back into the air and attacks with a glowing beak that ignites with fire>

Brianna: "Blitz Drive, a physical move that delivers Burn Damage when in contact with the opponent."

Aiden: "Look out, Litorse! Dodge and use Impact!"

<Litorse jumps out of the way and jumps into the air. Litorse slams back down on top of Redcary and they both hit the ground. Redcary faints and Litorse walks back out of the dust cloud>.

Aiden: "You did it. Nice work, Litorse."

Litorse: "Litorse, torse, Li." ("Thanks, so, let me go back to sleep.")

<Aiden returns Litorse and throws a Pokeball at Redcary. It bounces off of Redcary and opens in the air. Redcary's put inside the device and it falls to the ground. The Pokeball rolls around before locking in Redcary inside>

Aiden: *Picks the device up* "My first Pokemon in the Opole Region! Redcary!"

Narrator: "Aiden has achieved in capturing his first Pokemon within the Opole Region. Redcary is a Pokemon that Aiden is sure to treat well as he travels around; capturing and training new and never-before-seen Pokemon..."