Preview: Icpola starts to feel more at home with Aiden, and is more friendlier to the other Pokemon. She appears to have a liking for Litorse. Litorse decides to help her out by giving some pointers about Aiden's battling style, during a double battle against the Grass Gym Leader, Icpola witnesses Litorse learn a new move! Will they win and earn Aiden's first gym badge?

​<Aiden leaves behind the past of his adventure so far and continues through the region at a calm and steady pace. With each step, he thinks more and more about what happened during the Pokemon Trainer Senior World Tournament. The battle left him with a new experience and a better relationship with his friend. The message plays one more time on his wrist device before turning off>

Aiden: "Six months..."

<Pokemon run past him in the nearby field until one stops and looks around. Aiden smiles and looks toward the blue sky. Small clouds start forming as well. A chill wind goes through his black and blue hair. He decides to take a break and relax on a large rock that formed on the back of a flowing river just below his feet>

Aiden: "Soon enough, I'll get to see Jessica again. And this time the battle will be different. I won't lose this time. No matter what."

???: "Looks like you want a challenge, right?"

<His eyes look over toward a girl about his age and partnered with a new Pokemon. He gets up and jumps down from the rock>

Aiden: "That's a fair game rule. So, who might you be?"

???: "My name's Sydney. I'm eighteen and I'm the Grass Gym Leader. I was taking my walk down this pathway when I noticed that you looked bored. Seems like you want a challenge, right?"

Aiden: "Sure. So, you're the Gym Leader..."

Gym Leader Sydney: "I sure am. Well, you wanna head back to my Gym and get started?"

Aiden: "Hm, lead the way.."

<Aiden and Sydney return to "Florence Town" and walk togeter to the large Gym building just down the street. As they enter, a large amount of people crowd around them. They scream her name in joy and try to get her autograph>

Gym Leader Sydney: "I'm sorry for this. Go ahead and head inside. I have to attend to my fans really quick."

Aiden: "Alright. See you soon."

<Aiden brushes past the large crowd and heads into the battlefield room. Large flower gardens are planted all around the field and trees can also be seen branching overhead. Other large flora is also present as well>

Aiden: "Not bad for a Gym." *Brings out all of his Pokemon* "Alright, everyone, this is gonna be our first offical Gym battle. I'm not sure how this battle will go, but I have faith in all of you. I can't wait to see what you all have. I believe in each and every one of you."

<Some time passes before the offical battle starts. Aiden faces Sydney who is on the other side. She smiles and grabs a Pokeball from a stand next to her. She smiles>

Gym Leader Sydney: "Before we begin, I never got your name..."

Aiden: "Right. Sorry about that. It's Aiden."

Gym Leader Sydney: "Aiden. I like it. Alright. Let's get started. We'll each use three Pokemon and the person with the last Pokemon standing wins. Sound good?"

Aiden: "Fine with me. Seems like the old rules from all of my other Gym battles."

Gym Leader Sydney: "Well, it's kinda different. See in the Opole Region Gym battles, the winner is not determined by the last Pokemon standing alone; it's also determined by the amount of damage that the Pokemon take as well. This system is accurately made through these energy bars displayed above each Pokemon's head. Once this bar runs out, your Pokemon will instantly faint, regardless of their condition. The attacks and amount of movement that your Pokeomon do greatly affect how fast this bar depletes. In order for this bar to refill, the Pokemon must not move or attack at all."

Aiden: "That's definitely different. Alright. I'll play by your rules. Let's begin." 

Gym Leader Sydney: "Let's go, Rowdpecker! Come on out, too, Drabiginos!"

<A new bird Pokemon and large reptile Pokemon appear on the field and show off their large amount of power for the crowd to enjoy>

Aiden: "Two new Pokemon. Let's see..."

Brianna: "Rowdpecker, the Swift-night Pokemon, and the evolved form of Knockight. Rowdpecker are known for their ability to fly quickly in extremely rough conditions. A formation of Rowdpecker are known as a "Talon".

<Aiden points the Pokedex to the other pokemon>

Brianna: "Drabiginos, the Forest Dragon Pokemon, and the evolved form of Roseard. In a large pack, their tails are used as a distraction technique to confuse enemies, since they appear as a berry bush from behind. When threatened, the will expel a large amount of gases that cause a sourness to anyone's tastes."

Aiden: "They both look strong. Now it's time to show you my Pokemon."

<He tosses two Pokeballs out and they both open. Icpola and Litorse come out>

Icpola: "Pola?" ("What the?")

LItorse: "Torse. Litrose, tor." (Focus. Icpola, be ready.")

Referee: "I acknowledge the battle between Gym Leader Sydney, and the challenger known as Aiden. If both Trainers, and their Pokemon are ready, I will announce the offical start of this battle! Begin!"

Aiden: "Litorse, use Flare Helix! Icpola, use Ice Beam!"

<Icpola obeys and unleashes Ice Beam on Drabiginos, while Litorse unleashes Flare Helix on Rowdpecker>

​Gym Leader Sydney: "Rowdpecker, use Vale Storm! Drabiginos, use Drudge Roar!"

<Rowdpecker flaps its large wings and kicks up a barrage of powerful and alternating winds that clash with Litorse's Flare Helix. The strong winds of both attacks smash into each other and explode into dust. Drabiginos unleashes a massive roar that shatters the ground and stops Ice Beam completely>

Aiden: "Those attacks are strong. Litorse, attack with a frontal Impact attack! Icpola, use Fairy Wind and kick up the field a little bit!"

<Litorse ignites its front and charges into Rowdpecker. Rowdpecker's thrown back and smashed into a wall. Icpola uses Fairy Wind and throws Drabiginos back as well>

Gym Leader Sydney: Hm, those attacks took over fifty percent of my Pokemon's energy bars. Blocking drains the bar more than attacking as it requires more strength to stop a complete attack. Physical attacks are much more influenced with this than projectile attacks because of the amount of power difference between the two. I'll have to try harder to at least bring one of his Pokemon down before the end.

Aiden: "Litorse, I know that you can win this! Protect Icpola no matter what!"

<<"The Rescue for Latios" plays:>>

<Litorse nods and blasts both Pokemon with a massive stream of scorching fire. Aiden smiles and looks at Icpola>

Xavier: "Whoa! Litorse just learned how to use Flamethrower!"

<Aiden nods with his approval and looks at Sydney now>

Icpola: *Smiles*

Litorse: "Torse! Litrose!" ("Come on! Let's battle!")

Icpola: "Pola!" ("Right!)

Aiden: "Litorse, Flamethrower! Icpola, use Ice Beam!"

<Litorse blasts both Pokemon with a huge stream of fire from its mouth as Icpola blasts blue-colored lightning into a line. Both attacks collide on the other Pokemon and explode into a yell and red cloud. The dust covers Sydney's entire side of the field>

Gym Leader Sydney: "Rowdpecker, Drabiginos, are you alright?!"

<The smoke clears and both Rowdpecker and Drabiginos have fainted from the impact. Their energy bars displayed above their heads disappear and a "terminated" pop-up appears now above them. Sydney recalls her Pokemon to their Pokeballs and activates two new ones>

​Gym Leader Sydney: "I must give you props for pulling off such a unique and powerful attack. I haven't had a skilled Trainer challenge me for some time. I'm aching in anticipation as to how this Gym Battle will conclude. Now then, onto my final two Pokemon of this evening!" *Tosses both Pokeballs. Both open and two new Pokemon emerge onto the field* "These are my final two Pokemon for our two-on-two match."

Brianna: "Typhloom, the Ace Bird Pokemon, and the evolved form of Calichick. Typhloom are excellent birds of prey and use their sharp talons to impale their food. They hunt through smell as they cannot see."

Aiden: "It's blind, huh? And the other Pokemon?"

Brianna: "Lemaru, the Forest Pokemon, and the evolved form of Cattamur. A Lemaru's home is usually built high above the forest floor, giving it a height advantage to watch for predators. Their long arms enable them to reach higher places to pick fruits and berrries."

Gym Leader Sydney: "Are you going to swtich your Pokemon, or keep them?"

Aiden: "I'll keep my Pokemon out. Let's begin. You can have the first move."

Gym Leader Sydeny: "How generous of you. Alright. Let's go for a team effort! Lemaru, use Rally Up! Typhloom, use Fire Wing!"

<Lemaru jumps up and down while performing tricks. Its body begins to glow and so does Typhloom. Typhloom becomes engulfed inside energy and it speeds off without being see. Aiden looks around, but can't see Typhloom's location anywhere on the field>

Aiden: "Where did..."

<Fire explodes against Litorse and Icpola at the same time, resulting in an explosion that throws them back. Their energy bars fall by three sectors. Typhloom reappears next to Lemaru aagain>

Aiden: "But how did Typhloom move so fast?"

Gym Leader Sydney: "My Lemaru used the move Rally Up. Whenever a Pokemon uses Rally Up, their partner gains addittional Attack and Speed points. They can also choose to enhance their own Attack and Speed as well."

Aiden: "That's a new one. Alright then. We'll just have to think quicker to counter you. My turn, right? Litorse, use Flare Helix! Icpola, Fairy Wind! Combine both of your attacks again!"

<Both Icpola and Litorse combine Flare Helix and Fairy Wind into a swirling tornado of glittering particles and fire. Dust and rocks begin to shift and fly into the tornado. Typhloom flaps its wings and tries to get distance from the attack. Lemaru jumps onto Typhloom's back as well>

Gym Leader Sydney: "Typhloom, fly above the tornado and pass through the center! Then use Wind Hammer!"

<Typhloom flaps its pair of wings down and jets high into air above the tornado. The winds continue to swirl faster and faster around. Typhloom heads straight down and passes through the center of the tornado and speeds toward Litorse and Icpola at the center. Wind collects around Typhloom's body as it increases its speed. The impact negates the winds of the tornado and both attacks cancel each other out. The winds throw both Litorse and Icpola back. Icpola lands on top of Litorse who faints after hitting the ground>

Aiden: "Litorse!"

Gym Leader Sydney: "One down, and one to go. Typhloom, Fire Wing! Lemaru, use Light Sphere!"

Xavier: *Calls to Aiden, then smiles* Um, Aiden? Look! *All look to Litorse as it rises to its feet again*

<Litorse begins to glow an orange aura of fire that burns bright with determination and rage in its heart. Litorse slams its front two hoofs onto the ground>

Xavier: "You don't think...that's Blaze?"

Aiden: "An ability that enhances a Pokemon's Fire-type moves. Still, using any move will drain the energy bar and cause Litorse to fiant, regardless of how strong it may be now. There's nothing I can do here."

<Aiden waits for the attacks to knock Litorse out again. One of his deactivated Pokeballs on his belt activates and opens. Charizard appears when the device opens and he blocks both attacks, stops the two Pokemon cold, and blasts them back to Sydney with a powerful, close-ranged Flamethrower>

Aiden: "Charizard?" *Recalls Litorse to its Pokeball and deactivates it* "Alright, Sydney, looks like it's your Typhloom and Lemaru against my Icpola and Charizard. Are you ready?"

Gym Leader Sydney: "So this must be the same Charizard that nearly defeated Arceas, correct?"

Aiden: "The one and only. I suppose even people in the newly discovered Opole Region watched the Pokemon Trainer Senior World Tournament."

Gym Leader Sydney: "Of course. It's the greatest display of battling in the world. Everyone with a television was tuned into watching it. I'm honored to battle against a champion Pokemon like your Charizard."

Aiden: "Thank you. Charizard, no matter what, protect Icpola from Typhloom and Lemaru. Understand?"

Charizard: *Nods and growls at Typhloom and Lemaru*

Aiden: "Charizard, Mega Punch!"

<Charizard soars and shatters the ground around it as it soars into the air and races toward Typhloom and Lemaru. Mega Punch smashes into Typhloom and causes it to fly back and smash into Lemaru. Bothing Pokemon smash into the wall behind Sydney. They fall to the ground and struggle back to their feet>

Gym Leader Sydney: "That's some Pokemon power for sure. I'm impressed. Still, every Pokemon has their limits. And I plan on finding them. Typhloom, attack with Fire Wing again! Lemaru, use Rally Up!"

<Lemaru dances and cheers while emitting a glowing light from its body. Typhloom glows and speeds off without a trace. Aiden looks around the field for any sign of Typhloom>

Aiden: Typhloom could be anywhere. It could even be right in front of Icpola for all I know. I have to pinpoint where Typhloom went before it attacks.

<Aiden looks at Lemaru dancing and cheering and smiles>

Aiden: "Icpola, use Ice Beam on Lemaru!"

<Blue lightning leaves Icpola's mouth as Typhloom is still nowhere to be seen. Just as Ice Beam is about to reach Lemaru, Typhloom appears and stops Ice Beam with its Fire Wing attack. The white cloud from the collision covers the opposite side of the field. Aiden smiles>

Aiden: "Perfect. Charizard, use Flamethrower!"

<A giant stream of fire explodes from Charizard's mouth and hits Typhloom and Lemaru just as the white cloud from Ice Beam and Fire Wing cleared away. A second explosion throws both Pokemon into the air. They soon crash down to the ground and faint together>

Gym Referee: "Both Typhloom and Lemaru are unale to battle! Charizard and Icpola win, and the winner of this battle goees to Trainer Aiden!"

Aiden: *Smiles and returns Charizard and Icpola to their Pokeballs* "An excellent battle no less. Surely you gave me everything that you had."

Gym Leader Sydney: "Without a doubt. But I suppose some just get beaten by others. Congrats on beating me."

Aiden: "Thank you."

Gym Leader Sydney: "And as with tradition, I will now grant you the badge for defeating me."

<Sydney retrieves a shiny badge resembling a tree wrapped with long vines. The sunlight shines over the decorated and brightly colored metal badge. Aiden takes the badge into his hand>

Gym Leader Sydney: "Aiden, I present you with the Field Badge. For beating me and achieving a better understanding of a Gym in the Opole Region. Congratulations."

Aiden: "Excellent. Thank you very much. I was well earned through my Pokemon and their training. One down, seven more to go. Then I can become the champion of the Opole League. Have a good day, Sydney. Let me know if you want to battle again."

<Aiden leaves with his badge pinned to his cloak's collar. It shines again as he exits the Gym and leaves the town altogether. The sun starts to set on the day>

Narrator: "Brand new experiences, all new adventures, and tons of new and excitingly energetic Pokemon to see! What awaits for our hero now? A reunion with an old friend soon. And a destiny forged by his own making! The journey continues forward!"

​A large plane carrying a cargo of fancy vehicles parked soars through the afternoon sky. Jessica sits in a decorated chair and looks out the window to the calm ocean below. She smiles and clutches a necklace piece around her neck tightly.

Jessica: "Just you wait, Aiden. I'll be much stronger. We'll finally see each other again. Please be safe and happy with this choice of yours."