3 boys adventure through the Kanto region, collecting pokemon and gym battles!


Day 1Edit

Gerard's HouseEdit

Gerard: *wakes up* Ugh... Morning, mum! *walks down stairs and sits at table* What's for breakfast?

Gerard's Mom: Cereal. *puts cereal and milk on the table*

Gerard: I'm not really hungry... Whatever! *begins to eat cereal*

Gerard's Mom: Are you excited? You're getting your first pokemon!

Gerard: Oh yeah! *remembers* Bye mom! *runs to the lab*

Robert's HouseEdit

Robert:*wakes up and gets his PokeGear* I am gonna get a Pokemon, and leave this rathole town!

Robert's Mom:Bye,Son!

Robert:See you, I'll be back whenever!

Zach's HouseEdit

Zach: * Wakes up* Mom, do you know what today is!?

Zach's Mom: No?

Zach: Well today I get my very first pokemon! Im sooo exicted!

Mom: Then you should eat up... *Gives Zach a plate with Pancakes*

Zach: Awww, Thanks * Cuts the pancake an eats a piece*


Gerard: *runs in and crashes into a lab assistant* Ow! Sorry!